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The Biggest screw job in the history of IEW!
You have to admit that Mr. O'Brien got you.
He is a bastard that has to have a corperate Champion.
But my question is why HHH? Why would a renegade like HHH
join Mr. O'Brien. Austin had him but thanks to Mr. O'Brien's slow count
we have a new champ. man I dont want to know who pissed Austin is right
now, because if I was HHH and Mr. O'Brien I would be whatching my back
because now there is a loose rattle snake and this rattle snake like to bite.

Goldberg a Jober?
Thanks to the job squad goldberg has another loss. Vader came down
and said "Goldberg you are one of us" is vader tring to invite goldberg
into the Job Squad. Why would the former T.V. champ want to be with that group of losers.
The only talented person in that group is Al Snow and we saw Al fighting
with goldberg in the back. I witch ended when goldberg jackhmmmered
Snow thruogh a table. Thats one hell of an invite Mr. Al Snow. Well
I guess only time will tell And remember to whatch Raw this saturday.