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Die Hard With A Vengeance

Die Hard With A Vengeance staring Bruce Willis was the third in the Die Hard movies. The fourth Die Hard is set to come out in 1999. This is an action packed movie with Bruce Willis playing cop John McClaine and Samuel L. Jackson as his partner.

Die Hard With A Vengence Sounds,Trailer, screen saver and pictures

Sound 1
John and Zeus
Sound 2
This thing got airbags
Sound 3
Welcome to the party pal!
Sound 4
Maybe that mime
Sound 5
John: Come to the coast
Sound 6
Simon and John
Image 1
John and Zeus
Image 2
John on the phone
Image 3
John and Zeus at the park
Image 4
John looking menacing
Image 5
John and Zeus in the phone
Screen Saver
the official screen saver for the movie
Movie Clip
Theatrical Trailer

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