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Thunder Results

Welcome everone to the Orlando Areana here in beautiful Orlando, Florida. Well after our time off we left at The Survivor Series our first PPV and boy what a PPV It was. Tonight The owner of the IEW said that he would make an apperence tonight and that It would shock the wrestling world.

Sting vs. Scott Norton

Well big contender here in the IEW Scott Norton will step into the ring with sting tonight. Sting runs at Norton but Norton powerslams him to the mat. Norton gives him two elbow drops and picks him up and gives sting a bear hug. Sting tring to punch his way out of it but Norton rams Sting into the turnbuckle. Norton picks him up and nails a piledriver. Norton gets sting back up but now sting is tring to fight back with lefts and rights. Sting pounds Norton to the outside. Sting beats him up to the ground. And now puts on the death lock outside. Norton is hurt but they roll back in, Norton rolls up sting. 1,2,3. Wow Sting didint see it coming.

Goldberg vs. Goldust

Well Goldust is in the ring and the loud goldberg chants start filling the arena. His music is playing but where is he?(The Camra goes back stage where you see golberg and Al Snow rummbling.) Look at this Al Snow is hammering Goldberg with head. Goldberg is fine and now he picks up Snow and he Jackhammers him thru a table and now he is running twards the ring here he is. Goldberg comes into the ring and he has just spiered Goldust. And Goldberg is going mad on him boy he is pissed. he throws goldust to the outside goldust kicks him. And he sets him up neer our table and oh! he just gave him a curtin call thru a table. Goldust rolls him inside the ring. 1,2,....and Goldberg kicks out. Here comes Vader to the ring He is calling for goldberg Goldberg gets up and Vader is telling him "you are one of us come goldberg" Goldberg is distracted. Goldust hits him with a reverse DDT. 1,2,3 This match is over but what did Vader mean by that?

X-Pac vs. The Rock

Here we go and x-pac is punching the rock, the rock thrown into the corner x-pac is now ridding the bull. x-pac has him in a head lock now and he is leting the rock feel the pain. The rock gets out of it and is now stomping on X-pac. The rock picks him up and nails a DDT. X-pac hurt the rock is setting up for the corperate elbow. Everyone is going nuts. He go to one rope and goes to the other and......he misses X-pac got up in the nick of time. X-Pac gets up. And he nails the x-pacalips. 1,2......and a kick out. X-Pac mad but he goes to the ropes, The rock is getting up and he catches X-pac and he hits the rock bottom! 1,2,3! The Rock win and he will be defending that T.V. title on Raw vs. Scott Norton.

The Undertaker and The cat vs. The Nature Boy for the tag titles

Here we go we are in the ring and everyone is fighting the cat kicks flair to the outside. Landel is traped Taker Tombstones him and goes for the cover. Homer O'Dell comes and tries to save the champs but he gets ambushed by The cat. Taker pins him 1,2,3! We have new tag champs but it is not over Taker picks up the knocked out O'Dell. And he tombstones him!

Austin vs Triple H


(glass shatters and crowd goes wild) And here comes the world champion, STONECOLD STEVE AUSTIN!

(D-X Theme starts up....mixture of cheers and boos) And the chalenger Triple H HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY!

stone cold starts things off with a thez press and our beloved owner breaks it up! what is going on? triple h gives him a huge dropkick, Austin is dazed. he gets up and and nails him! what a match! Austin kicks hunter in the stomach...THE STONE COLD STUNNER, THE STONE COLD STUNNER! its all over! 1................2...........why is Mr.OBrien counting so slowly?! HHH kicks out and AUstin is pissed! HE's screaming right in the owner's face! triple h rolls him up...123(extremly fast) i cant believe this! Ozzy is hugging Hunter!