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Here are the rules for IEW. 1. The Champion must defend your title every week.

2. To be part of the Interviews(this has nothing to do with roleplaying) you must have AOL or AOL Instant Messanger. If you do not have AOL go to to download Intsant messanger. The Interviews are conducted by OZZY 1284. Put OZZY 1284 on your buddy list. Then if you ever see him online talk to him as if it were an interview. He will ask you questions and stuff like that. After your interview OZZY 1284 will copy and paste it to the Interviews section at IEW.

3.In the Message Board don't say anything to extreme. Such as racial slurs and stuff like that. If you do too much of that you will be suspended.

4. No made up wrestlers we want the real guys. But even if you put a great wrestler in it doesint mean that hes going to do good it depends on role playing and other things. But the thing that you should be the most ocupide with is role palying.

5. When you make a stable it Does NOT have to be a real stable name you could make up your own for that but it can be a real one if you want to.

6. Role Play at least once every three days, so you could get beter in the leauge.

7. No beating up other wrestlers in roleplays or having them come down to the ring and saying something that would obviously never happen.

If any or all of these rules are broken too many times you will be punished.